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Policy Matters A Progressive Platform

Investing in Ohio's Economy

Ohio needs to throw the term "rust-belt" out the window. We cannot miss this opportunity to invest in clean energy manufacturing, information technology manufacturing, and infrastructure to bring and keep jobs here.

The Ohio Legislature has continuously worked to pass so-called "Right-to-Work" legislation that would cripple labor unions in the state. I am committed to defeat anti-union laws, provide labor organizations with more opportunities to bargain, fight for higher wages, and ensure better working conditions.

Defending Women's Rights and Reproductive Freedom

 The Ohio Legislature has threatened women’s rights to reproductive freedom with anti-abortion bills and constant attacks on Planned Parenthood, a robust multi-gender healthcare provider that makes our community safer. The decisions surrounding pregnancy should be between and woman and her doctor. Accessible contraceptives and abortion care make it easier for partners to make the best decision for themselves about whether to have a child. I will work to protect this right to bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom — without it, women are denied equality and face further economic hardship.

Supporting Ohio's
Veterans and Military

Ohio's two State Veterans Homes in Sandusky and Georgetown have a waitlist of over 100 veterans in dire need of nursing care. It is a priority of mine to work with our federal partners at the VA to build a new Veterans Home in Ohio.

As U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown's Veterans and Military Affairs Liaison, I had the privilege to work alongside all 88 of Ohio's County Veterans Service Offices. These offices are essential in bringing federal dollars to our local communities. We need a state senator that will support them with the tools to quickly identify transitioning servicemembers and get them enrolled in VA care.


Protecting Ohio's Environment and Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of our greatest assets in Northeast Ohio. We need to do more to protect this natural resource. Safeguards are needed to ensure that runoff pollution does not make its way into Lake Erie, the number one cause for algae blooms that makes this great renewable resource toxic to fish, wildlife, and people. 

It's Time to
Legalize Marijuana

Ohio needs to join this decade by legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and expunge any marijuana related criminal charges. Ohio is losing out on an estimated $220 million yearly increase in revenue by keeping marijuana illegal for recreational use. This is revenue that can and should go directly to our schools, roads, and justice system. We must also enact laws that protect independent growers to safely and legally sell their product in the free-market, not create a pay-to-play marijuana market that only benefits the wealthy.

Expanding Our Public Education System

For-profit charter schools have found a safe haven in Ohio. Our public education system needs to be strengthened, not diminished. We should be incentivizing passionate teachers to work for the public system as an investment in our children's futures. Our community is at its best with a strong public school system, only possible if we increase our demand for public system teachers. We must give our educators the opportunity for their voices to be heard. The solution: less for-profit schooling, more public commitment to our educators. 

We need to reduce the cost of childcare and invest in our children's future with a robust universal pre-k system. This will save families with three-and four-year-old's thousands of dollars each month.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Infrastructure, transportation, climate change, and the economy all go hand-in-hand. Northeast Ohio has been failing to capitalize on this. Ohio is decreasing in population due to this lack of investment in our future. Young adults see that other communities and states prioritize walkability, public transportation, and
community living.

Getting this done means partnering with local, state, and federal partners. The federal government has allocated dollars to infrastructure, broadband, and public transportation. Ohio needs to make this a priority and do the same to take advantage of federal dollars earmarked for local communities.

Restructuring the Criminal Justice System

The current Criminal Justice system prioritizes correction over rehabilitation. If elected, I will help bring more evidence based programming into our municipal and county courts. Drug Treatment and Veteran Treatment Courts are effective at addressing the root cause for why someone enters into the justice system to begin with. These programs need more funding and expanded resources. We need a state senator who will support individuals in the justice system.

Standing Up for

5% of Ohio’s workforce is LGBTQ. That’s over 300,000 individuals that need protection with better anti-discrimination laws that will prevent employers from firing anyone based on who they are and who they love. Ohio laws do not include LGBTQ inclusive definitions of spouse and partner. We need to pass the Ohio Fairness Act for these Ohioans to be included under the umbrella of State Family Leave Laws.

Addressing Disparities in Our Healthcare System

Gender and racial disparities in our healthcare system are only causing more childhood poverty, and bottleneck the most vulnerable in our society. This is especially true in access to mental healthcare where Black and Brown Ohioans are more likely to experience a mental health condition, but far less likely to receive mental health treatment. This is a systemic issue that must be acknowledged by state leaders with a commitment to make our healthcare system more equitable.
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